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The Cheesecake Burlesque Revue keeps audiences coming back for more! More laughs, more tease and more body confidence. The Cheesecakes are multiple award winners who have shimmied across stages in Las Vegas, Vancouver, Berlin, Seattle and Victoria to name a few. With influences from cult classics like Priscilla Queen of The Desert to Broadway favourites like Guys and Dolls to imaginative roller coasters like their original Cheesecakes In Space, these girls know how to put on the modern day show-stopper! The performers are as individual as the stars on the walk of fame - cute, geeky, rock n roll, classic, and elegant - audiences can't help but have a favourite or two or three! The Cheesecakes are known for their high energy acts, stand out performers, comedic timing, seductiveness and girl-next door accessibility.

Cheesecakes in New Orleans
Photo: Kaylin Idora

Mentions in the Media

“The seven ladies - Betsy Bottomdollar, Kitten Kaboodle, Dolly Pop, Silk E. Guns, Lady Muse, Ginger Kittens, and Lolly Lushbottom - mixed song, dance, comedy and plenty of skin into a two-hour tour de force that had the audience screaming with every unhooked bra, laughing out loud and hollering for more. As much as the show was about fun and entertainment, it was also about sending a message: Everyone is beautiful, and everyone should be proud of their bodies.”
- Shaun Thomas / The Northern View / March 6, 2013

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“And speaking of pep, the third event was all about getting out what you put in. The Cheesecake Burlesque Revue: Bump & Grind Valentine, is the type of good, clean fun that depends on the audience getting out of its seats and becoming involved.
These beautiful, all-original-parts women weren't looking for any competition on stage (although a certain stagette party tried its best) but the more people clapped, whistled and cheered, the more energy filled the Metro. This was a night of wonderful talent, great laughs and leaving with a smile on your face.”
- Grant McKenzie, Editor, Monday Magazine / February 2011

Cheesecakes in New Orleans
Photos: Jason Langlois, Derek Jackson

“The Cheesecakes strive to increase body confidence and sexual confidence of their audience, and they certainly succeeded. Every woman walked out of the Surrey Arts Centre that night with a smile on her face, a strut in her step, and in many cases, some pasties in her purse.
I wasn't sure what to expect, and who would be appropriate to bring along as a guest (a date? a co-worker? my mom?) While male audience members were certainly welcome and seemed to enjoy themselves, I ended up inviting my Mom as my guest and she had a great time. Next time the Cheesecakes come to town I will return, with a group of girlfriends, and maybe even my grandmother in tow.”
- Cassie Silva / Review Vancouver / November 2010


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