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Wild Honey

Sweet, sticky and sultry, this performer keeps the bees a buzzin', the hornets hummin' and the crowds wanting more. Performing in solos, duos and group numbers, this lady is ready to show a little sass and a whole lotta.... class.

A graduate of Miss Indigo Blue's Academy of Burlesque, this performer was top of her class, and is eager to shake and shimmy, twirl those tassels and bump and grind with the best of them.

Surrounded by a whole hive of queens in Victoria, BC's Cheesecake Burlesque Review, Wild Honey is loving the glitter, the love and the ladies who work together to create a hilarious, positive, dynamic and entertaining show for crowds all over Vancouver Island and beyond to enjoy.

Watch out, as sweet as she can be, she is wild!

Wild Honey
Photo: Jamie Drouin

Wild Honey Wild Honey Wild Honey Wild Honey