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Silk E Gunz

Born in the far East, Silk E saddled up to a pair of dancing shoes as a young gun, and is still riding the motion of her footsteps to this day. This sexy six shooter longed for action and adventure that eventually led her out to the "Wild West". But this wasn't easy by any means! Through her travels she hitched her white "iron" stallion to many a post. Silk E Gunz shot her way through Salsa...., gambled her way through hip-hop...., had a saloon stand off with Cha-Cha, and drank the night away with Ballet. Only to end up at the O.K. Corral. Silk E heard there was "gold" out West, and it's name was "BURLESQUE"!

Blinded by the glitter, and lassoed by The Cheesecake Burlesque Revue in 2012, Silk E Gunz reached into her side saddles, pulled out her skills with loaded guns, ready for your entertainment. She will dazzle you with her fancy footwork and captivate you with her hypnotic hip rolls. Not only is she silky and sassy, she's strong and classy! With her vivacious personality, Silk E Gunz will brand you speechless 'till the cow come home!

Giddyup! Silk E Gunz

Silk E Gunz