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Kitten Kaboodle

Full Name: Katherine (Kitten) May Kaboodle
Tagline: Everything you need - the whole Kit and Kaboodle!
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Age: Old enough to know better, young enough not to care.
Relationship Status: In relation to what?
Occupation: Part time inventor, full time anime doll.
Mode of Transportation: Whatever is going the fastest at the time.
Hairstyle and Colour: Purple pigtails.
Eye Colour: Brown.
Makeup Style: Emphasis on the eyes, and heavy on the glitter.
Essential Makeup Item: MAC Fluidline Blacktrack.
Idols: Ricky Hard, Dean Martin, Santa Claus.
Hobbies: Gluing things to other things and making things more sparkly.
Lucky Charm / Ritual: Making a wish on an eyelash.
Special Talents: I can MacGyver anything. Watch me!!
Favourite Pickup Line To Be Hit on With: Can I buy you a Bombay and soda?
Favourite Music Style to Perform to: house/ 80's/ disco - anything that's happy and fun.
Favourite Era or Decade: Right now!!!
Favourite Drink: Bombay and Soda, mojitos or anything with an umbrella.
Favourite Food: Dark chocolate.
Favourtie Sin: Overindulgence.

Kitten Kaboodle
Photo: Jason Langlois

Kitten Kaboodle Kitten Kaboodle Kitten Kaboodle Kitten Kaboodle