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Ginger Kittens

A playful pin-up who just can't help it, the reigning Miss Esquimalt 1999 is a classic rags to riches story. Having clawed her way over from the wrong side of the tracks with only the help of her wits, tips and hips, Miss Kittens is ambitious AND delicious! A flaming fox who loves attention, she'll flirt with most any gal or guy in sight, and really give you something to purr about. This sexy siren puts "da bomb" in bombshell... Ladies and Gentlemen, we just know you'll all be smitten with the lovely Ginger Kittens!

Full Name: Ginger Kittens
Tagline: "My Cheesecake brings all the boys to the yard"
Hairstyle and Colour: cascading copper curls, ruby red ringlets
Eye Colour: green
Makeup Style: peaches n' cream
Essential Makeup Item: beauty sleep
Special Talents: "I could teach you, but I'd have to charge"

Ginger Kittens
Photo: Jamie Drouin

Ginger Kittens Ginger Kittens Ginger Kittens Ginger Kittens